About us

Ojai Oil Company is a California Corporation incorporated on June 4th, 1900 with 25 original stockholders each contributing $14,000. Today, there are approximately 290,000 shares outstanding.

The Company has issued dividends for over 85 years. The Company is listed over the counter with the symbol OJOC.pk.

Over the years this Company has invested in oil production, land, office buildings, car washes, shopping centers, communication towers, and self storage facilities. The first 50 years were involved in oil field investments, with well and royalty interests in Montana, Texas, Wyoming, Canada, and of course, California. Oil prices below $2 per barrel in the 1960's brought a sense of urgency to the Board of Directors to guide the Company into other ventures.

Since 1910, there have been 9 company presidents with the company mostly managed by the late Charles F. Off and his family. Today there are still four members of this family involved in the day to day operations of the Company. Ojai Oil Company manages, with a corporate staff of eight, approximately 60 persons involved in the self storage business and other property management tasks.