Crude Oil Production

Ojai Oil Company produces crude oil from two small fields in Ventura County. The first of 13 wells in the Sisar Field in Upper Ojai, California started producing in 1909. Our second field is on South Mountain, just south of Santa Paula, California. Both fields are operated by a pumper who manages the wells and crude oil shipping. The production from these fields can be found at the California Department of Conservation, Oil, Gas, and Geothermal

Ojai Oil Company also has royalty interests in California, Texas, Montana, New Mexico, and Wyoming.

The sign at left is still in place at the Upper Ojai Sisar Field entrance.

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Golden State Storage

Founded in 1974, Golden State Storage is a fully-integrated, self-administered, self-managed storage owner operator headquartered in Camarillo, California. Golden State Storage succeeds in providing our tenants the best combination of value, convenience, and customer service available in Southern California.

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GS Storage Management

With over 25 years of self storage management experience across California and Nevada, GS Storage Management manages 13 self storage facilities owned by our clients. If you have a self storage facility and would like to know more about how GS Management can increase your yearly profits and streamline the management of your facility, please contact us.


Office and Retail Management

Ojai Oil Company owns and manages an office building at 1300 Eastman Avenue, Ventura, California and other retail stores associated with self storage locations.


Communication Towers

Ojai Oil owns, in partnership with American Tower Corporation, three communication towers located on company property near Santa Paula, California. These towers provide antenna and microwave disc space for microwave, cellular, XM Radio, QualComm Communications, and two way radio communication.


Topa Mountain Ranch

Topa Mountain Ranch produces 100% organic extra virgin olive oil from olives grown on our Topa Mountain Ranch property in Upper Ojai. The olives are hand-picked and commercially produced and bottled by Ojai Olive Oil Company in Ojai, California. Labeling is completed by Ojai Oil Company personnel as ordered by the buyer.